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Allstate Well Solutions has spent over 25 years perfecting the well rehabilitation process in Arizona. For years, all well rehabilitation was done with a cable tool rig. With today’s oil field technology, we have implemented many of the professionally cleaning methods used in the well fracking industry. The old methods of cleaning would do a great job of cleaning the inside of the casing, but did nothing for annular space. A complete rehabilitation should include cleaning the filter pack in the annular space behind the casing. The only effective way of achieving this process, is injecting high pressure water through the perforations into the annular space. Arizona has high Calcium deposits in most areas. The Calcium buildup can completely plug the perforations to the point that the water cannot penetrate the well. Scratching and brushing can only partially clear the perforated area. We have perfected a high-pressure water jetting process, that will eliminate Calcium and Iron Oxide from the perforated openings. Our Water jetting process can produce up to 15,000 pounds of pressurized water to the areas needed. By stimulating the filter pack, it will increase the specific yield of the well. The result will be increased gallons per minute per foot of drawdown and reduced pumping level. For more information on the Water jetting process, or if you have questions please contact us.